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Tacony Corporation, a company that has been in the industry for over 70 years, recently released its new brand film with Vidzu Media. The video, titled “Tacony Corporation – Company Brand Film,” showcases the company’s history, values, and dedication to innovation and customer service.

The brand film starts with an overview of Tacony Corporation’s rich history, highlighting the company’s humble beginnings in a basement in St. Louis, Missouri, to its current status as a global corporation. The video then introduces the company’s key values, such as innovation, integrity, and customer satisfaction. These values have been the foundation of Tacony Corporation’s success and have helped the company build long-term relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers.

The video also showcases Tacony Corporation’s commitment to innovation, demonstrating how the company has always been at the forefront of industry trends and technology. From developing the world’s first vacuum cleaner for pets to creating the first-ever wireless lighting system, Tacony Corporation has a long history of bringing innovative products to the market.

In addition to highlighting its history and values, the brand film also provides a glimpse into Tacony Corporation’s diverse portfolio of brands and products. The video features some of the company’s most popular brands, including Baby Lock, Riccar, and Madeira, and showcases a wide range of products, from sewing machines and vacuum cleaners to embroidery thread and LED lighting.

The brand film concludes by emphasizing Tacony Corporation’s commitment to its customers and its dedication to providing the best possible service. The video encourages viewers to visit the company’s website to learn more about its products and services and to see how Tacony Corporation can help them achieve their goals.

Overall, “Tacony Corporation – Company Brand Film” is a powerful video that showcases the company’s history, values, and commitment to innovation and customer service. The video provides a compelling overview of Tacony Corporation’s diverse portfolio of brands and products, while also highlighting the company’s long-term success and dedication to its customers. If you want to learn more about Tacony Corporation, this brand film is an excellent place to start.