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At Vidzu Media, we are passionate about both pets and animation, and we recently had the opportunity to bring those two passions together in a series of broadcast and digital commercials for Solid Gold pet food. Collaborating with our friends at UPBrand, we created a colorful and captivating series of animations that highlighted the importance of gut health for pets.

Solid Gold has been a pioneer in promoting gut health in pet food since 1974. Their products cleanse, balance, and fuel pets with superfoods, probiotics, and omegas, enabling pets to live their best lives. Our animated commercials focused on this unique aspect of Solid Gold’s pet food and highlighted the health benefits that come from prioritizing gut health in your pet’s diet.

The Solid Gold Gut Health campaign was a big success, with our colorful and engaging animations capturing the attention of pet owners and pet lovers alike. We received a lot of positive feedback from both Solid Gold and UPBrand and are thrilled with the outcome of this collaboration.

As we look towards the future, we can’t wait to continue collaborating with Solid Gold and UPBrand on the next series of commercials, bringing the same level of creativity and passion to each project we undertake.

In conclusion, the Solid Gold Gut Health campaign was a great opportunity for us to showcase our skills in animation while working with a fantastic product that promotes the importance of gut health in pets. Our Broadcast and Digital Commercial Production Series has successfully captured the attention of pet owners and inspired them to prioritize their pets’ health. We are excited about the possibility of future collaborations with Solid Gold and UPBrand, and we are eager to continue creating engaging and informative content that highlights the benefits of this incredible pet food brand.

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