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SSM Health DePaul Hospital


The SSM Health Foundation Gala was a critical event for raising funds to support Behavioral Health programs across the SSM Health system. In St. Louis, suicide rates are alarmingly high, with 1 out of every 3 people ages 18-24 losing their lives to suicide. It was clear that a powerful and engaging message was needed to encourage donors to contribute to this important cause.

The SSM Health Foundation turned to Vidzu to create an animated centerpiece video for the Gala that would convey the gravity of the situation while also inspiring hope and action. The challenge was to distill the complex information about SSM’s Behavioral Health efforts into an emotionally engaging message that would resonate with Gala attendees.

Using symbolic animation and the authentic voice of Michelle Schafer, SSM Health’s Network VP of Behavioral Health, Vidzu crafted a video that truly captured the urgency of the issue. The video’s message was clear: people’s lives are at stake, and support is needed to make a difference.

Thanks to the success of the Animated Centerpiece Video, the SSM Health Foundation was able to double their funding compared to last year. The video was a powerful reminder that even the most challenging and difficult subjects can be communicated effectively through the right medium and message.

If you’re planning an event and looking for an Animated Centerpiece Video to inspire and engage your audience, contact Vidzu today. Let’s work together to create a message that truly resonates with your audience and drives meaningful action. Remember, the SSM Health Foundation Gala is proof that a powerful video can make all the difference.