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Vidzu is a Full Service Creative Video Production Company that was recently tapped by Edward Jones, a well-known financial advisory firm, to create a featured video for their 9-city event roadshow. The event was part of a partnership between PBS’ tasteMAKERS and Edward Jones for their pilot season. The show is a travel series that focuses on interesting local food and drink “makers”. Edward Jones wanted to promote their partnership and show how their financial advisors actually resemble the featured food and drink makers in many ways.

To accomplish this goal, Vidzu teamed up with Makers featured in the new PBS show tasteMAKERS. The Makers included brewers from Orchid Island Brewery and the founder of Honeychild’s Sweet Creams. Additionally, Vidzu worked with Edward Jones financial advisors from Vero Beach, FL, and Houston, TX. The team aimed to answer the question of what Makers and Financial Advisors have in common.

Through 2 such pairings in Vero Beach, FL and Houston, TX, Vidzu created a fun, personal, and intimate look at people from drastically different fields becoming fast friends. The resulting video showed the unexpected kinship between financial advisors and food/drink craftspeople. It captured a financial advisor and a maker over the course of a day getting to know each other and learning each other’s craft.

The video was a huge success, thanks to the fantastic, collaborative effort of Vidzu and Edward Jones. The roadshow events featured local makers and created networking opportunities for financial advisors and prospective clients. Vidzu’s creative approach and expertise in video production made it possible to highlight the unexpected similarities between makers and financial advisors.

As a Full Service Creative Video Production Company, Vidzu is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality video production services. They specialize in creating videos that capture the essence of a brand, tell a story, and engage audiences. Vidzu’s team of experts includes writers, producers, directors, editors, and animators who work together to create videos that stand out.

In conclusion, Vidzu’s partnership with Edward Jones and PBS’ tasteMAKERS demonstrated the unexpected kinship between financial advisors and food/drink craftspeople. Through their creative video production, Vidzu showed that Makers and Financial Advisors have more in common than one might think. Their work highlights the importance of collaboration and creativity in creating successful marketing campaigns. As a Full Service Creative Video Production Company, Vidzu is well-equipped to help businesses achieve their marketing goals through the power of video.