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Vidzu Media partnered with Kids In The Middle (KITM) to create a compelling brand narrative titled “This is Me.” Kids In The Middle is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing support services to children and families experiencing the impact of divorce or separation. They offer a wide range of counseling, therapy, and educational programs to help children and parents navigate the emotional, psychological, and practical challenges during this difficult time. In close collaboration with KITM, Vidzu Media crafted a thoughtful and poignant story about a young girl caught during her parents’ divorce.

The video depicted the girl’s struggle to find an outlet to express her emotions and make sense of the challenging situation. KITM emerged as a guiding light, stepping in to offer the much-needed support and resources for her to cope with the complexities of her parent’s divorce.

By capturing the girl’s emotional journey, Vidzu Media effectively showcased the invaluable role played by KITM in providing a safe and nurturing environment for children facing similar circumstances. The carefully crafted narrative and visuals brought to life the transformative impact of KITM’s services, emphasizing their commitment to empowering children during challenging times.

Through their collaboration, Vidzu Media and KITM created a brand narrative video that shed light on the crucial work done by the organization. The video was an inspiring testament to KITM’s dedication to helping children find their voice and navigate the emotional challenges associated with parental divorce.

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