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Rise Up For Heroes

An Evening of Thanks with Joe Buck and Special Guest

The Rise Up For Heroes initiative, created by Nitrous Effect, a St. Louis-based agency collective, in partnership with the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues, has been a beacon of hope in the community since its inception in April. Its primary purpose was to recognize and appreciate the contributions of frontline workers such as first responders, healthcare workers, and grocery store personnel who put their health on the line to ensure the smooth running of the community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative has also played a crucial role in directing people towards local resources that aid those worst affected by the economic fallout of the pandemic. Through its various efforts, Rise Up For Heroes has organized a series of celebrations that honor frontline workers, including pop-up “CAREavans” led by mascots Fredbird and Louie. These CAREavans visited hospitals and neighborhoods where frontline heroes work and live, bringing with them a sense of joy and appreciation for their selfless service.

There were also spectacular “light up the city” displays and nightly celebrations held at 7 pm in neighborhoods throughout the region. The culmination of all these efforts is a one-of-a-kind presentation of Rise Up For Heroes in a special one-hour primetime television show. Produced by Nitrous Effect agencies Vidzu Media, UPBrand, Evntiv, and CPG, the program features local celebrities, athletes, and first responders who share their messages of gratitude towards frontline workers.

The show also includes exciting new musical performances, magic tricks, and fun bits featuring Cardinals and Blues players, as well as a fascinating glimpse into St. Louis history provided by the Missouri Historical Society. All these elements come together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience for viewers.

It is a testament to the vision of The Rise Up For Heroes initiative created by Nitrous Effect and the collective efforts of the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues that have made this program possible. Their commitment to the community and frontline workers has been a source of inspiration and hope during these challenging times. So, sit back and enjoy this hour of primetime, St. Louis goodness as we honor those who have given so much to our community.

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