Vidzu In Paris

Representing STL as the Winner of the 48 Hour Film Festival

This month Producer Josh Guffey and DP Levi Kirby, their respective families in tow left for Paris, France for Filmapalooza ‘18 along with 128 other cities from all across the globe. While the team didn’t pick up any of the Grand prizes, they did take the stage and got to take home a very nice trophy.

Favorites from the screenings that week: NADIE, a story about the Zompacolypse and bad timing and Hammersmith: Hurdle of Dreams, a comedic take on bad action movies. From Rome, the long wait for extraterrestrial life and the question of whether we really want them to arrive or not, That’s La Vie and from Ho-Chi-Minh City, a man’s quest to overcome his twitch leads him to surprising outcomes: Nháy nháy. From all the way down under, two strangers find a common mission as together they solve one of life’s most intractable problems: Foregone Intrusion.

And finally the Grand Prize Winner from France,  La Grande Ourse, a touching story full of grand vistas and powerful sentiment.