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March 12, 2018

Media Contacts:

Susanne Evens
AAA Translation
+ 1 636-530-1010

John Launius
Vidzu Media
+ 1 314 616-4091

AAA Translation and Vidzu Media Announce Partnership
New Partnership Offers Video Translation Services

ST. LOUIS – Vidzu Media® and AAA Translation announce a strategic partnership between the two St. Louis-based companies. With this new partnership, AAA Translation and Vidzu Media will be able to offer video subtitles, voice-over translations and new audio, dubbing and transcripts to expand their clients’ reach around the world for small to enterprise-sized clients.

This strategic partnership between Vidzu Media and AAA Translation sets these two companies apart in today’s competitive global economy. The combined focus of the two companies and their unique, international video and motion content services will also provide businesses worldwide with a new realm of state-of-the-art communication tactics and tools.

Vidzu Media and AAA translations offers the highest quality video translation, transcription and captioning available. The two companies cite the following social media statistics, as they pertain to the importance of delivering your messages in multiple languages:

  • Οver 51% of tweets are in English
  • 80% of YouTube’s views are from outside of the U.S.
  • A single language translation into Spanish for North/South America can double your reach on Facebook (FB Ad/Video Stats)
  • Facebook is over 70% non-English speakers
  • A Common Sense Advisory report found that 84% of consumers were more inclined to purchase products online when related information was presented in their own language.

Referring to these important web-based statistics, AAA Translation Founder and CEO Susanne Evens asks, “As a business operating in a global marketplace, can you really afford not to translate your online video and social media content?” She continues, “If your business or organization depends on an international or multi-cultural audience, AAA Translation and Vidzu Media can provide you with the tools to communicate your brand throughout the world.”

John Launius, SVP of Vidzu Media notes, “This collaboration of services between AAA Translation and Vidzu Media is needed more than ever. Content marketers and brand managers cannot afford to ignore the international demand for content and information about their brands, goods and services.” An example of a translated production by the new partnership can be seen at

Susanne Evens comments, “Businesses who operate in a world-wide economy need these types of advanced, technological marketing services to help them effectively communicate in the local or native language – not only with their customers and partners, but also with the employees in the countries where they operate.”

Evens adds, “Now more than ever before, it is crucial to bridge the language barriers preventing the proper business relationships and opportunities, for companies that want to succeed internationally. The video services from Vidzu Media and AAA Translation will definitely help companies compete globally.”

For more information about these joint services, please contact either AAA Translation at +1 636-530-1010 or Vidzu Media at +1 314-367-8500. Additional information is also available at and

About AAA Translation®

Since 1994, AAA Translation has offered comprehensive yet simple solutions for multi-faceted global businesses anywhere in the world. AAA Translation uses expert human translators and interpreters world-wide, backed by state-of-the-art equipment, in order to provide each and every client the personal, professional service they expect and deserve. AAA Translation is the difference in a world of global services.

About Vidzu Media

Vidzu Media is a creative production studio specializing in brand films and branded content, commercial, promotional, event videos, social and livestreaming solutions. As a member of the Nitrous Effect collective of companies, Vidzu is the in-house video studio producing over 50 videos a year for many national brands.