Downtime In D.C.

Iʼve visited Washington DC several times this year, but always for work or just passing through. This time was a little different.

I was only supposed to be in the city for one day with the purpose of filming a Vietnam veteran who won a DISH TV campaign put on by our sister agency – RedPeg. I was pretty pumped for this opportunity – because I had already met this veteran in his home on the other side of the country in Washington State a few months earlier – and he and his wife were both super awesome.

To keep the story short, weʼll just say a relatively complex sequence of events took place which led me to be in DC for about four days instead of the one I had packed for. Despite the logistical challenges of only having one pair of clean clothes, it afforded me the opportunity to see DC at my own pace and take in some of the sights I maybe hadn’t fully appreciated before.

So, much like when Jake and I had some down time in New York – I took on the city with my camera. This time I was alone, but I had more time time to work with! I saw the memorials, drove around the city, even hit up a Nationals game. As I say in the video, the best part of it all was seeing the many veterans and getting the chance to briefly talk to a few of them and shake their hands. There were a few honor flights while I was there and seeing the veterans find their fallen comrades and friends on memorial walls was a humbling experience.

All in all, it still felt like a short amount of time to experience so much this city has to offer, but hopefully this video is a fun, quick glance into my experience.