New York City


The logistics were tough. The weather didn’t cooperate. Still, the city never stops moving. So, how do you capture New York City in 6 hours? You plan your locations carefully, account for travel in-between and keep moving with your finger on the record button!




My biggest take away from this trip = when your traveling with another videographer (as opposed to alone), it can give you a lot more motivation and inspiration to create something for no reason. Jake and I had time to burn after a flight to Jersey, and I have to say, had I been alone I probably wouldn’t have made the journey into Manhattan. However, since we both had cameras and not much else to do, Jake pushed me to go explore. Having been to NYC several times, I drew up the best napkin-style map I could the week before we left, and upon arrival, we hit the ground running. There was a lot of rain and not enough daylight, but we tag-teamed filming as much as possible with the time we had. It was a lot of work and even more walking, but the best part of this job is getting opportunities like this to create stories we can share with anyone who wants to watch and listen.

Levi Kirby

New York City happens to be one of my favorite places to visit. No, I wouldn’t necessarily go there for vacation, but there is something so uniquely different about the city that you just can’t find anywhere else in America. The amount of people, the diversity and shear size of the buildings that surround you everywhere you go. It’s fascinating that structures of this size and weight could all be built on an island of bedrock. And to think that the city isn’t just what’s sitting above, it’s also what’s below. There is basically an entire world that populates below the city. Thousands of people traveling daily on the subway and performers entertaining these travelers to earn a living. The city is fascinating! And what better way to capture than with another videographer in half a day. We planned out the day as best we could. We had 30 minutes in each location, which was hardly enough time to get to the spots necessary for the best shot. According to Levi’s fit bit, we ended up walking 30,000 steps in that 6 hour period. It was definitely a challenge, but worth the results!

Jake Huber