Vidzu Media

Washington University School of Law

150th Anniversary

Washington University Law School is consistently ranked as one of the top law schools in the United States, thanks in large part to the support and involvement of their talented alumni. During the school’s 150th-year celebration on alumni weekend, Vidzu Media was honored to produce the institution’s keynote video, which showcased the best of Washington University Law School, including its rich history, unique culture, and diverse community.

Working closely with Producer Kaylen Kress and cinematographer Jake Huber, the team at Vidzu interviewed students, alumni, professors, and the Dean to create a video that captured the essence of the institution. The resulting piece was set against the backdrop of the school’s beautiful campus and iconic architecture, with fast-paced transitions and passionate interviewees helping to tell the incredible story of Washington University Law School.

“We utilized the architecture, created fast and fun transitions, and found passionate interviewees to tell one incredible story,” said Kaylen Kress of Vidzu Media about the project. The final product was a powerful representation of everything that makes Washington University Law School such a special place, and an excellent example of Vidzu Media’s expertise in keynote video production.


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