Vidzu Media

CPG Agency + Maritz Travel

Events Design Thinking

CPG Agency and Maritz Travel have partnered to create events that are expertly designed, beautifully conducted, and flawlessly executed, leaving a lasting impact on their clients. However, communicating the complexity of their partnership was a challenge that needed a creative solution. The Vidzu Media team was able to beautifully illustrate their story using a design thinking approach.

The video starts with tight shots of objects on a table, each representing a different aspect of the attendee journey. As hands reach in and place new objects, the camera pulls back to reveal an entire table of strategy and design. Through a combination of live action and animation, orange and blue threads representing CPG and Maritz tie everything together with elegance and simplicity.

The resulting video showcases the power of the partnership between CPG Agency and Maritz Travel, highlighting their ability to align business outcomes with people outcomes. By creating holistic event solutions for clients such as ULTA Beauty, Southwest Airlines, and Nissan, they are changing the narrative about how events should be done.

The success of the video has been evident in the response from executives and event planners from some of the world’s top brands, who see the potential of the partnership and how the sum is greater than its parts.

At Vidzu Media, we specialize in live-action and animation video production that is both creative and effective, telling your story in a way that engages your audience. Our approach to storytelling helped CPG Agency and Maritz Travel communicate the complexity and power of their partnership. Contact us to see how we can help you tell your story through video production that captures the essence of your brand and message.