Telling Stories With Heart

Vidzu Values

At Vidzu we frequently talk about telling stories with heart. It’s something we believe in. In fact, it’s one of our core values as a company. The others are Integrity, Leadership, and Teamwork, but I would argue that Heart is the one that most clearly finds its way into the work.

“To touch, move, and inspire another person are vital factors in telling stories with heart. Without them, you merely have information. Information can move you to tears, but it will never fill your heart. We fill hearts.”

– John Launius, Executive Vice President

Don’t get me wrong, we love to capture beautiful images, and push ourselves with new techniques and challenges; But if our stories don’t have heart why should anyone care?

“You won’t make it very far in this business if you aren’t curious about people. Their stories and struggles. Their motivations and their joy. Those are the things that fascinate us. Those are the things we remember.”

– Amanda Smith, Editor

The clients who come to Vidzu to tell their stories are invested. They spend their days making something, or serving someone, or achieving new milestones. They put their heart into those things and want to share those things with the world. How could we do any less when crafting their stories?

“Heart for me not only represents the passion we put into a project, but where we aim our storytelling—straight at the audience’s heart—because when we resonate on a heart level, we have the ability to inspire movement and affect change.”

– Kyle Dufendach, Creative Director