Producer / Production Specialist

Kaylen Kress


Kaylen Kress


Producer / Production Specialist


I am a very active person and I believe the more you move the better you feel.

Some of my hobbies include tennis, basketball, swimming and I’ve always been passionate about singing. I’m a big movie goer as well, so you can find me at the movie theater every weekend!

Finding Inspiration

I find inspiration in documenting people’s passions, aspirations and raw emotion. I think the best content is true and real content that makes people feel something, it moves someone to feel a certain way.


I am proud to hold the honor of receiving the President’s Award after competing on the Webster University women’s tennis team for four years. This award represents leadership, dedication, values and concerns for others and I do my best to uphold that honor every day. I am also proud of my first documentary short, “Show Them What Is Possible” being featured in the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase as a junior in college.

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