There’s whiskey.

And then there’s WHISKEY.

For over 100 years the Van Winkle family has produced some of the most sought after Kentucky straight bourbon whiskeys in the world. Today, their Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve line of bourbons fetches thousands of dollars per bottle and does so with almost no advertising. For this distillery, it’s all about the product and nothing else.

So when Vidzu saw an opportunity to create a rare and unique video for this iconic brand, we jumped at the chance.

When we approached the project, we knew this whiskey, despite its value and rarity in the market, was born out of a grassroots spirit and produced without the usual pretension of other premium brands. We wanted to make something that spoke to the quality of the bourbon while shunning any upper-crust vibe that outsiders might wrongly attribute to it.

Luxury cars and exclusive museums don’t have the same inviting identity that this bourbon has and we wanted to draw that line right away.

What emerged from our process is a visual experience that introduces the brand to a discerning audience through a simple invitation.