Interactive Video

Interactive ads show massive potential; basic ads continue to be ignored.

As the amount of standard pre-roll ads continues to rise, marketers are looking for newer, more interesting ways to keep consumers from hitting the “skip” button. Interactive content that invites the user to become part of the experience just may be the opportunity marketers have been looking for.


Interactive video works

According to the marketing training group, MarketingProfs, audiences are highly invested in interactive content. Allowing consumers to create their own stories that meet their own expectations has increased consumer engagement by as much as 230% over standard pre-roll advertisements! During a time where organic social media reach has been declining, interactive content continues to meet with higher distribution on Facebook.

Consumers use interactive content to develop and direct their own stories and reach their own conclusions. By allowing consumers the ability to make ads that meet their own expectations, brands are able to increase their engagement by over 230%*. It also helps that in light of brands losing reach, Facebook is rewarding quality & original videos with higher distribution.

What makes a good interactive video?

“…Interactive content provides an environment for viewers to ‘lean-in’ on what is typically a ‘lean-back opportunity.” –  Innovid video marketing platform

While some may remember the choose your own adventure books and video games of their childhood the interactive story has found a new format with video. One recent example to popularize the interactive technology comes from Netflix’s very own original series: “Black Mirror”. The series’ interactive episode “Bandersnatch” became an overnight success, trending across social media.

Viewers held heated discussions on whether they picked the best choices throughout the story or not. Viewers re-watched the same episode many times to discover hidden endings. Viewers went as far to argue which cereal was the best choice at the beginning of the episode.


Interactive video examples:

The Block of Wood” by Vidzu Media is an interactive advertisement that allows consumers to build their own perfect film. Viewers are challenged to create a compelling piece of content about an ordinary block of wood by utilizing the help of Vidzu’s production team.

Downtown STL” tells the story of a lost phone that finds its way back its owner,  while allowing the viewer to explore some of the hottest spots in downtown St. Louis. It informs, entertains and engages the viewer as it leads us around town.

There’s more than one approach

App developers have experimented with playable advertisements for quite a while now. For example, back in 2016 Gatorade released a playable video game ad within the Snapchat app that celebrated each of Serena William’s (then) 22 title wins. 


When the Samsung GALAXY S4 released, Samsung developed an interactive advertisement that highlighted the many new features on their flagship phone. Viewers are able to see a 360-degree view of the phone, view four commercials that highlight different consumer lifestyles that utilize the phone, and scroll through the various added accessories that ship with the phone.

Are you ready to make the creative leap?

Despite the enormous amount of potential for interactive advertising, it hasn’t replaced traditional advertising methods yet. Some marketers and advertisers aren’t sure how to use it to its fullest potential yet. You have to rely on the creative to tell the story of the brand, product or service that you’re trying to sell. Luckily there are teams dedicated to taking your ideas and transforming them into powerful storytelling tools. Now just might be the time to take the creative leap towards interactive video.

Learn more about Vidzu Media’s interactive piece “The Block of Wood” and see all the different videos you can create for a simple block of wood here.