Edward Jones

What do Makers and Financial Advisors have in common?

We paired Makers featured in the new PBS show tasteMakers (brewers from Orchid Island Brewery and the founder of Honeychild’s Sweet Creams) with Edward Jones financial advisors from Vero Beach, FL and Houston, TX to answer that question.

As you can see, it’s more than you think.

PBS’ tasteMAKERS – a travel show focusing on interesting local food and drink “makers” – partnered with Edward Jones for their pilot season. To promote their partnership and show how Edward Jones financial advisors actually resemble the featured food/drink makers in many ways, Edward Jones planned a 9-city event roadshow to feature local makers and create networking opportunities for financial advisors and prospective clients.

The Vidzu team was tapped to create a featured video for the roadshow events that showed the unexpected kinship between financial advisors and food / drink craftspeople. 

We decided to capture a financial advisor and a maker over the course of a day getting to know each other and learning each other’s craft. Through 2 such pairings in Vero Beach, FL and Houston, TX, we created a fun, personal, and intimate look at people from drastically different fields becoming fast friends.

Thank you to our client who made this a fantastic, collaborative effort!

“It truly was a pleasure working with each of you. All of you brought your A-game to this project: from creative concepting, to pre-pro, to finished product. I can’t say enough about your creativity and partnership.”

Kim R.  |  Marketing Specialist, Edward Jones

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