Metro Market

A Bus, A Market, A Mission

St. Louis Metro Market, a not-profit mobile farmer’s market serving St. Louis area food deserts.

In 2014, co-founders Colin Dowling and Tej Azad looked with frustration on the blighted areas of the St. Louis Metro area where crumbling infrastructure and minimal investment meant residents suffered from a basic lack of access to what many take for granted: affordable and responsibly sourced healthy food. Their solution was to build a coalition of partners, sponsors and supporters and put a retrofitted Bi-State donated bus loaded with fresh vegetables dubbed “Turnip1” directly into the very communities that need it most. Now in its 2nd year of operation, St. Louis Metro Market is poised to make a real impact on health and equity in St. Louis.

Producers Josh Guffey, DP Levi Kirby and editor Jake Huber capture the people and places affected by the St. Louis Metro Market, a not-for-profit seeking to provide relief to St. Louis food deserts by providing healthy, affordable food to those communities that need it most. For Vidzu, a story with this much heart is exactly the type of story we like to tell.

Featuring Rosie Willis and the Fresh Start Garden, James Forbes, founder and CEO of Good Life Growing, an urban farming cooperative, and the community and customers the Market serves, this story celebrates innovation and problem solving, offering one small but impactful way in which we can help alleviate the systemic challenges to equity and opportunity in St. Louis’ underserved neighborhoods..

James Forbes sheds more light on the challenge: “From a food justice issue, there’s always fast food, a corner store, but no access to healthy food, and that correlates with an educational problem…with people (beginning) to attain higher education, which impacts their ability to get a good job, which impacts their ability to fix up your community, which makes it impossible to even pay taxes to fix your school system, let alone get property appraised so your school system can get improved. It’s just a vicious cycle.”

We applaud the St. Louis Metro Market and their partners for all their hard work to address the problems of health, equity and access in St. Louis.

To find out how you can help with St. Louis Metro Market’s mission

visit their website for how to volunteer or donate today.