St. Louis Area Foodbank

Brand Film

The St. Louis Area Foodbank works to show the importance of food donations and how this simple act of volunteering can help so many people within our communities.

In this video, The Journey of Hope we bring the audience through the process of how the food gets to those who are in need. In this approach we take the audience through each step of the process in a creative and interesting way. This gives our audience, which are volunteers and donation givers the chance to understand where the food comes from all the way through how it’s released to the community.

The challenge of this project was to tell an emotional story through only showing a process. The solution was to show volunteers in actions to give the video a sense of humanity and the impact that this process is doing for St. Louis.

The result was to educate the community on what they can do, how the St. Louis Area Foodbank works and the impact that can be made.