Fusion Flexweave Work

Warson Brands came to Vidzu wanting to highlight the innovative Floatride Energy cushioning technology in the Reebok Fusion Flexweave™ Work series of footwear.

To fully showcase the power of the Fusion Flexweave™ Work series we went with an advanced 3D animation approach with particle simulations. Using 3D animation allowed us to illustrate the weightlessness of the shoe as well as create seamless transitions when changing colors. Using X Particles allowed us to show how the Floatride Energy sole is made in a dynamic way. We also used X particles to create a falling rock to shatter and freeze on the safety toe to create a cinematic action movie moment. The final polish of the piece was adding SFX to the opening explosion, impacts, spins and the glitchy text animations.

The result is an energetic and edgy animation that highlights all of the shoe’s features.

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