MTI Delta Tech

Broadcast Ad Campaign

When Vidzu began its partnership with MTI / Delta Tech we did so with the idea that we could elevate the brand by re-thinking what an ad for a technical college looked like.

We settled on the idea that when someone got a degree they weren’t just getting a job, they were getting a career that gave them the freedom to do the things they loved while still providing for themselves and those who rely on them.

Pairing strong visuals with really genuine interviews from students the ongoing ad campaign has been very well received. In addition to the television ads We introduced the power of the nitrous effect to produce a billboard campaign as well as a redesign of the school’s web site that fully utilized the video content that we created.

One week after the launch of the ad campaign 

● MTI received the highest number of inquiries to date

● MTI recruiters booked the highest number of appointments ever

● The average weekly total of inquiries before airing was achieved by day two of the campaign