Explore What's Possible

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What’s possible?

How to get from one place to another while exploring the depths of the creative subconscious. The path is not always straightforward and often takes you through multiple dimensions of the creative process. Vidzu Media understands this intimately, having embarked on its own journey to tell the story of creativity through video.

Our latest film, Explore What’s Possible is a labor of love that represents the six dimensions of the creative journey. From inspiration to image, design to exploration, risk to expansion, each dimension is explored through the lens of one team member who conceptualized and directed their portion of the film.

The journey of creativity is not always an easy one, but it is a journey that can lead to incredible discoveries and opportunities. Vidzu Media’s commitment to telling this story is a testament to the power of storytelling through video. By showcasing the creative process through the experiences of our team, we inspire others to push our own boundaries and take creative risks.

At the heart of the creative journey lies the importance of imagery and design. These elements help bring ideas to life and convey the message in a meaningful way. Vidzu Media’s dedication to these elements is evident in every frame of Explore What’s Possible, as we take the viewer on a journey of discovery and exploration.

The creative journey is not just about taking risks, but also about expanding your horizons. It’s about pushing beyond your comfort zone and discovering new possibilities. Vidzu Media’s film captures this spirit of adventure and encourages viewers to embrace their own journey of creativity.

For those who want to learn more about the process behind Explore What’s Possible, Vidzu Media provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. It’s an opportunity to see firsthand how we brought our vision to life and created a work of art that celebrates the creative journey.

In conclusion, Vidzu Media’s Explore What’s Possible is a testament to the power of storytelling through video. It represents the six dimensions of the creative journey, inspiring others to push their boundaries, take risks, and explore new possibilities. Our commitment to imagery and design, and their willingness to share their process, is a valuable resource for anyone on their own creative journey. 

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For a deeper dive into our process, check out the BTS below.


To start the creative process, you have to draw upon something. What do you notice in the world? What makes you feel alive? How do you want to recreate what is already there? Inspiration comes from both internal and external forces, but no piece of art is made in a vacuum. Creativity is pulling ideas, images, stories and sounds together to begin to form something new.



What’s possible? Here’s where things start to get interesting. It’s not just where could you go, but where have you never been? Imagination is taking your ideas and considering the impact they can make in the world. At Vidzu Media and the Nitrous Effect, we love exploring what’s possible with our clients. It’s taking their goals and figuring out how to bring them into reality.



In the design process, creativity begins to take shape. Whether writing a script, illustrating a story, or crafting a brand promise, design is critical. This is where the excess and distractions are carved away to hone in on the core of your idea. Refining your creative allows others to catch the vision and be inspired by your story.



As your ideas are refined, new dimensions are uncovered. Exploring is looking at every possible outcome. It is learning and growing and responding with your story and your audience. Exploring can be exciting, but also scary. You are in the world of unknown, so it is often best done in the company of others.



There is always a moment in your creative journey where you’re not sure … what’s the next step? It kind of feels like free-falling before you pull your chute. But truly great creative requires you to jump. You have to make an investment and put yourself out there. Sure it can be scary, but the rewards are immeasurable.



This is the moment in creativity that we all crave. Your idea is alive and others get it. Creative stories inspire others to believe in something new and to take action. At Vidzu Media, we believe in the power of story and the power of creative. Every day, we combine those two with passion to create opportunity for our clients.

The Vidzu Media film, Explore What’s Possible was a huge collaborative process, and I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge our lead actor, Gregory Sporleder. You may recognize him from The Rock, Black Hawk Down and True Blood.

Creativity really is an amazing journey, and it is totally worth the ride.

Let’s Explore What’s Possible!