Biggest Fan


In 2019, Vidzu Media had the pleasure of working on a summer-long campaign with our sister agency RedPeg to promote the Biggest Fan Tour campaign for Dish Network.

This campaign spanned 20 states encompassing 90+ events. It reached 16+ million people and engaged 4,000+ video submissions. All with the goal of finding the 4 BIGGEST FANS!

This campaign took us coast-to-coast (twice), and had our Director of Photography, Levi Kirby, in transit for thousands of miles! First, we’d go to the winners’ homes and deliver the good news. Then, we’d go with them on their grand prize trip to document each unique adventure.

The “Biggest Fans” of 4 shows on 4 networks got to experience grand prize trips to Boston, Orange County, Washington DC, and New York City. Shows and networks included: WWE Smackdown/RAW, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shooter, Bravo, SyFy, and USA.

Upon return, we created recap videos of it all! You can see a little bit of everything in the video above, and we made :60 social videos for three individual winners which you can see below.

Nationwide travel, weather, delays, long car rides, and lost baggage, nothing stopped us from capturing every moment of these winners’ wild adventures!