Design Thinking

1 + 1 = more than the sum.

This is what CPG Agency and Maritz Travel wanted to communicate about their partnership. It’s the difference of Designed Thinking, so the Vidzu Media team crafted an approach that beautifully illustrates this concept.

The Challenge

CPG Agency and Maritz Travel have a complex story to tell. How do we show this partnership is more than travel logistics and event expertise? How do we tie all of these pieces together? How do we make this story engaging and elegant?

The Story

Expertly designed, beautifully conducted, flawlessly executed—events powered by the collaborative partners CPG and Maritz make a lasting impact for their clients. This concept follows the story of design by the architects and artists at the table.

The visuals start with tight details of objects representing the attendee journey on the table, hands reach in and place new objects. The camera pulls back to show an entire table of strategy and design. Every piece is carefully placed, every connection mapped out. Through a beautiful combination of live action and animation, orange and blue threads representing CPG and Maritz tie everything together with strategy, elegance, and simplicity.

The Results

Together, CPG Agency and Maritz Travel are changing the narrative about how events should be done, and this video is helping them do that.

Executives and event planners from some of the world’s top brands see the potential of partnership and how the sum is greater than its parts.

With their designed thinking approach, CPG Agency and Maritz align business outcomes with people outcomes. They have created holistic event solutions for ULTA Beauty, Southwest Airlines, Nissan and many more.