Baby Lock

Embroidery Made Easy

Baby Lock USA has perfected the art of creating stunning sewing and embroidery machines. At Vidzu, we love creating content for such a top tier and beloved brand within their industry.

With the debut of their Baby Lock’s line of embroidery machines, Vidzu wanted to showcase their amazing capabilities by weaving together visual stories of a family preparing for their daughter’s wedding day. We featured one-of-a-kind projects created by the Groom, Mother-of-the-Bride, and Bride each highlighting unique features and the versatility of each machine.

In all, we crafted 7 videos – a long-form brand film that showed all of the family’s projects in the lead up to the big day, as well as 6 short videos focusing on the impressive features within the embroidery line.

The result is a unexpectedly heartfelt introduction to Baby Lock’s latest line of impressive machines.