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Leaders Live Recap- Video and Events

Written by Jewellynn Woods

When the pandemic started, everything switched to virtual; this included in-person events. With things beginning to return to “normal,” events will stay in the virtual world. At Least partially. Hybrid events will be the next big thing because people are starting to realize how much more accessible they are.

When we hosted the first edition of Leaders Live on Clubhouse, John Launius, our President, and Sam Foxman, Evntiv’s President, discussed what the future of events looks like and how video will play an integral part.

At the start of the pandemic, people understood that everyone was going through a change and were willing to watch events and videos that were not high production. With content being thrown at them left and right, people have smaller attention spans and have bigger expectations when it comes to video.

During the Clubhouse, Sam explained how and why video and events have become more popular during the pandemic, and it is because “as we are separated and more in solitude, we want to feel more connected.”

That connection comes from video, but not just any video. It comes from strategy and thought-out content. John explained that content creating is “a balance of what is going on.” This means that not every video created is going to be the same. Some video produced will resonate more when it is highly produced, but other times people want a lower-tech video. Either way, viewers want to learn and take away something.

The overhead theme was that to be a content creator, you have to create authentically while keeping your audience in mind.

The grown in popularity of virtual or hybrid events came from well-thought-out and execting strategies planned for months. Here is an excerpt of transforming a non-profit organization’s annual in-person Gala into an engaging and captivating virtual event.