Barnes-Jewish Hospital Super Bowl Commercial Creates Community through Unity

With every project, Vidzu Media regularly revisits our four core values: integrity, leadership, teamwork, and heart. With being a part of The Nitrous Effect, we often work hand in hand with other companies who are under the same leadership. Our latest project with Barnes-Jewish Hospital was no different. We teamed up with UPBrand to create a commercial aired before the halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl.

Bret Hoy, one of our newest team members and editors, led the editing of this commercial. He says his favorite part of this project was the teamwork that was involved in the process of making this ad.

“It was a really good team effort. This piece was effective because every different piece, the cinematography was great, the people on site got the job done really well, and on the back end, we were able to make good graphics and move really quickly to make it work for the client.”

Teamwork is essential to us, and how we go about our everyday work, and Barnes-Jewish Hospital showed how important it is to them as well. In their commercial, they highlighted the importance of unity during these unprecedented times. Other key messages highlighted during this commercial were innovation, outreach, and professional development.

The video highlighted the key messages by telling a full circle story through emotion. All of the video characters were given a small backstory with which the audience could resonate with. The video ended with the characters interacting and entering the hospital with the voiceover line “you belong here.”

Vidzu Media wants to thank all front-line workers for their hard work and dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic. #createdbyvidzu

Written by Jewellynn Wood