48 Hour Film Project

Rent A Kid


At Vidzu we are all about the team building so we were all stoked to sign up as team for our first 48 Hour Film Project! If you aren’t familiar here are the rules. We have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a 5-7 minute film using a genre, prop, character, and line of dialog that has been assigned to us. It’s a little intense.


We gather after work and nervously drink beer and try to guess what genre we might get. Everyone is hoping for horror because our building has a creepy basement. Levi Kirby our resident DP represents the team down at Webster University. He texts us at 7:15 we can choose from either fish out of water, or western. We take about 15 minutes still thinking about how cool it would have been to get horror. We finally move on.

After deciding that fish out of water is a little more doable we start to brainstorm!


By 12:30AM we have agreed on a concept and it’s time to start writing. We are all crazy tired at this point but we power through and by 3AM we have a working script.

Because we are all generally useless at this point we go to sleep.

Cameras start rolling at 7AM!

Kyle, Josh, Levi, and Kaylin have a VERY long day of shooting as production finishes up around 7PM. From there Amanda our editor takes over and gets a first cut out around Midnight. Our composer Matthew gets a copy and starts working on the score.

entry papers


 10AM Amanda and Kyle our Director start on a final cut. By 1 it’s a race to add graphics, color,  sound design, and score. Meanwhile Mitch is creating the end credits!

 Also paper work, there is an obscene amount of paperwork to be filled out.

 Paperwork and flash drives in hand Amanda and Levi speed their way over to  Urban Chestnut to drop off the film. They are triumphant with 10 minutes to spare!


The following week we all meet up at the Tivoli Theater for our group screening. We are informed that out of 48 registered teams 42 turned in a film on time. At this screening we see all the films in Group D. Some are really good. Some are….less good. After the screening the audience has a chance to vote for their top 3 favorite films. The film with the most votes gets the audience choice award. We agree that even if we don’t win any awards we had a good time; meanwhile we all secretly hope for awards.

screening group photo
group photo with awards


We make the top 10 for Saint Louis!

At this screening we see all the films the judges have chosen for the top ten from all the entries. Following the screening the awards are announced.

We Win:

Audience Choice

Best Use Of The Line Of Dialogue

Best Child Actor (created for Connor!)

Best Writing

3rd Place

That’s right we won 3rd place our first year! It was a lot of work and a lot of fun and we have unanimously agreed that next year, we are in. Look out Saint Louis. We have our eye on that first place award.