Vidzu Media is a St. Louis based creative production studio with big heart, big talent and stellar ideas. Our creative spirit drives everything we do and that’s evident in our team of video production and content specialists, directors, writers, producers, directors of photography, editors and animators; all of us working to tell the most powerful stories possible for our clients and their brands all over the world.

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Brand stories are a reflection of you and not just your business. They represent the many people behind the products and services you provide, the problems you’ve solved, the people you’ve served and the hard work it took to get there.

The best brand stories are authentic, but they are heroes’ tales; stories that serve as inspiration to those who see it and share it. Whether you slay dragons, build bridges, save lives or sell sleigh bells, you have a unique story and we want to tell it.

Let’s connect your brand to your audience through unique storytelling.


Great production isn’t only found on the coasts and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Vidzu delivers world-class filmmaking right here in the midwest without a huge agency overhead.

As Vidzu evolved, we honed our craft, capabilities, network and talent all while staying focused on delivering the best ROI to meet concrete objectives through a creative-first approach. The result is award-winning creative at midwest pricing – or – you can go to the coasts and pay through the nose, your choice.

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Nothing is outside the realm of possibility. Our animation and post-production departments perform daily digital miracles with special effects to take your project to the next-level, telling complex stories through novel narratives and magical moments…Flying baby monkeys, dancing hat monsters, soaring rocket cars, exploding orchestras….you dream it, we’ll bring it to life.

See our latest animation reel here.

Social Media Content

Having consistent and engaging social media content is the new norm and maintaining that presence in multiple channels can pose a challenge. Our team can concept, create, and deliver that steady stream of social media content that establishes your brand’s authentic voice online. That can build trust and loyalty within your audience and customer base.

Episodic Content Marketing

Building a relationship with your audience requires more than the usual one-off video noise that customers are bombarded with daily. We can expand your brand’s story and message into a consistent content strategy that keeps audiences coming back like their favorite streaming show.

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Branching narratives, 360° video, augmented reality and projection mapping can push the boundaries of traditional media and provide your brand with unique ways to tell a story. Embed your video into a virtual world and get lost in the bits and bytes.

See what we’re talking about with Vidzu’s Interactive Process.


Vidzu’s DNA is forged from the thousands of promos, welcome and recognition videos, and highlight reels we’ve produced over the years for our Nitrous Effect partners: CPGEvntiv and Red Peg Marketing. Our event videos and our professionally produced live streaming product Leaders LIVE maximize your investments, and turn individual moments into social movements.

Join the revolution: “Viva la brand!”

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