We Are Storytellers

Bringing stories to life by bringing life to stories

From documentary to advertising, live action to animation, brand films to branded content, Vidzu® creates high-end video productions that delights, inspires, entertains, and drives growth for our clients.
With a collaborative approach, from concept development to distribution, we put our hearts into exploring what’s possible.


Your brand, audience, and challenges are unique. We help you develop creative strategies for content to accomplish your unique objectives. At Vidzu®, we understand the importance of your media not only looking beautiful but performing for you and maximizing ROI. It’s starting with the end in mind, and knowing how strategic content drives growth.


This is where story meets style and your ideas are brought to life. Our team of specialists collaborate with you to develop a creative approach that fits your objectives. Our team of artists develops storyboards and style frames to align on creative before production begins. As a design-based production studio, we artfully craft concepts that delight and inspire.


Vidzu® focuses on powerful, engaging storytelling in live-action filmmaking. From commercials, to documentaries and branded content, our full-service team sets up every production for maximum impact. We bring to your project a firm grasp of direction, production management, cinematography, production design, and casting. The results blend compelling performances, stunning production values and striking visual design.


Creating something from nothing and making it move is nothing short of magical. We help you design and develop your vision, then use our proven process to bring an experience like no other to both you and your audience.

Our animation team brings creative strategy along with a sense of boundless imagination to every project, drawing upon the entire range of techniques from traditional motion design and 2D animation to high-end 3D.

Virtual Reality

VR and 360° video is the new frontier in the world of multimedia.  We all understand the lure of an incredible and immersive experience for the audience.  Let us bring that experience to both you and your clients!  Whether it be a fully immersive video, a totally interactive installation at your next event, or a 360 degree video, we make it happen.

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